Fyhr Fiddles Press Release
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Fyhr Fiddles Press Release
Fyhr Fiddles                                                                     (press release 1/2002)

Raymond Fyhr (pronounced "fire"), a long time resident  of Cranford, will be offering additional violin instruction out of his home music studio starting in early 2002.  Ray has a degree in Music Performance from Colgate University.  As an undergraduate, he studied the violin with Felix Eyle, former concertmaster of the NY Metropolitan Opera Orchestra.  After graduating, he studied with Tossy Spivakovsky, concert soloist, former concertmaster of the Berlin and Cleveland Orchestras, and member of the faculty at Julliard.  Since getting an MS in Computer Science from NYIT, Ray has been a software consultant to Bell Labs, AT&T, HP, NCR, Bell Core, and Telcordia.

Ray is an active performer, playing classical recitals as well as performing extensively on his 5 string electric violin with Primitive Soul, Watershed, Super Genius, Instant Band, Bruce Tunkel, and Jazz Beaux.  Ray's violin philosophy extends beyond the wealth of the classical repertoire,  into the totally new and uncharted realm that he is still actively experimenting in. His students are given the opportunity to discover their own individual musical creativity through the violin.  They are encouraged to explore rock, progressive, jazz, and any other artistic violin genres. Because of his 20 years in the software development field, he has become adept at making use of computer technology  to help students progress at a more rapid pace.  He incorporates the use of digital signal processing, pitch detection, midi sequencing,  multi-track recording, audio effects, and web cams into his studio teaching technique.

"Violin performance is not just for the Itzhak Perlmans of the world".  All of Mr. Fyhr's students are encouraged to perform as often as possible, even if it is just for a small group of friends. "The proof is in the pudding," Ray likes to say.  Performing in public is the ultimate goal, and preparing oneself for this challenge enhances the learning curve. One of the major benefits of studying a musical instrument is the serendipitous advantage gained in many other aspects of a person's life.  Ray claims that his success in the software development profession has more to do with his violin studies than his MS in CS. For additional information, check his web page at www.RayFyhr.com.